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My name is Matt. My wife, Debbie, and I started this small business, Hands-On-Darts to create additional income. For over 15 years, one of the things we enjoyed doing was throwing darts in blind draws and league play at the local pubs. I also worked in a small machine shop for over 17 years, so mixing them both together, Hands On Darts was born April 2012 in Buford, GA, just north of Atlanta. We have gone to several of the tournaments around the southeast - Ghost on the Coast in Myrtle Beach, Shoot for the Moon in Alabama. Choo Choo Classic in Tennessee, Garden Classic in Augusta, Shoot for the Cure in Monroe GA., as well as several in North and South Carolina and Florida. My specialty is creating custom darts so you can have your unique design on your darts that make them one of kind.  I have made a set for Roger Carter and Bryan Stamey.  So after a couple of years doing custom darts we decided to expand to dart supplies, thus the opening of Hands-on-Darts online. In March of 2015 we moved to Hollister, Missouri to be closer to our other children and grandchildren. We are establishing ourselves out this way and hope to get around to tournaments around this area.  If there is something that you want or need please let us know and we will make every effort to get it for you. We hope that you will come to us for all your dart needs.  Thanks, Matt "The Lathe Guy".