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Custom Dart Process

Custom darts are hand made to your specifications using a table top metal lathe. Steel tip or soft tip darts. Our stock consists 80%, 85% and 90% tungsten dart barrels. We can special order heavier tungsten, a copper tungsten blend and stainless steel materials if desired.  Please fill out your information on the contact page for us to reach out to you to discuss your design.  Be thinking about length, weight, type of knurling, grooving, spacing, nose type, etc.  Knurling is not available on tapered barrels.  Please be aware we cannot copy current trademark designs for legal reasons. Custom darts start at $90.00 a set and consist of the barrels and standard points, unless otherwise specified. We also do dart modifications - knurling and/or grooves, conversions, take weight off.

Please contact Matt for custom orders via phone 678-773-7304 or email

Here are a few samples of our custom made darts